Ruhani Sharma Sizzles in Maroon Ensemble and Belly Waist Chain

Ruhani Sharma, the stunning actress and model, recently posted a sultry photo on Instagram that has left her fans in awe. The photo, taken by @the_pixel_farmer, features Sharma in a maroon blouse and skirt, paired with a belly waist chain and silver bangles. Her caption, “बिखरने का मुझको शौक़ है बड़ा समेटेगा मुझको तू बता ज़रा,” exudes confidence and allure, adding to the overall alluring vibe of the photo.

Sharma’s followers were quick to praise her beauty and hotness, with many describing her as “gorgeous” and “too hot to handle.” The desi vibes of the photo added to the delight of her fans, and her stunning look was further elevated by the work of MUA @makeuphairbyrahul and stylist @sumaiah.tabassum. The clothing worn by Sharma is from @sindhus__closet.

The photo is a true testament to Sharma’s undeniable charm and talent, and it’s no surprise that she has amassed a large following on Instagram. Her fans eagerly await more stunning photos and updates from the actress and model.

Image Source: Instagram

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