Rakul Preet Shines Bright in Stunning Off-Shoulder Dress

Actress Rakul Preet took to Instagram to announce the release of her upcoming comedy and drama movie, “Chattriwali.” Preet shared a photo of herself looking utterly pretty in a gorgeous off-shoulder dress, with the caption “Say cheeeeeseee because 20 Jan ko hai #chattriwali releaseeee 💕 #promtionsbegin #chattriwalionzee5 💕.” The post received nearly 4 lakh likes from her followers, who were excited for the movie’s release.

In the photo, Preet exudes elegance and grace in her stylish off-shoulder dress. The dress perfectly hugs her curves, highlighting her toned figure. Preet’s radiant smile and stunning looks add to the overall charm of the photo.

Source: Instagram

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