Mahira Sharma Shines in Olive Green Pre Stitched Saree

Mahira Sharma, the actress, took to Instagram to share her excitement for the upcoming project “Lehmberginni.” In her recent post, she revealed that there is only one day left until the release of the film. Mahira looked absolutely stunning in her olive green pre stitched saree, which garnered over 4 lakh likes within just 23 hours.

Mahira Sharma in olive green pre stitched saree and queen anne neckline blouse

The olive green color of the saree beautifully complemented Mahira’s complexion, highlighting her natural beauty. The pre stitched style of the saree added convenience and elegance to her overall look. The attention to detail was evident in the queen anne neckline blouse with lantern sleeves, which perfectly enhanced the grace and charm of the ensemble.

Mahira Sharma in olive green pre stitched saree and queen anne neckline blouse

Mahira credited her outfit to Kalki Fashion, and the captivating photograph was captured by i.parasbains. The styling credits go to Tiara Gal and Akansha, while Mint and Milk PR and Puneet Makeovers were acknowledged for their contributions.

Fans and followers of Mahira Sharma flooded the comment section with compliments and anticipation for her upcoming project. The remarkable achievement of over 4 lakh likes in just 23 hours showcases the immense popularity and support she enjoys on social media.

As the countdown to “Lehmberginni” continues, fans eagerly await the release of the film and anticipate Mahira Sharma’s exceptional performance. Her stylish appearance in the olive green pre stitched saree has set the internet ablaze and solidified her position as a fashion icon.

Image source: Instagram

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