Actress Priya Warrier in hot and stylish look, fans call her glamorous queen..

Wink Girl, a stunning Indian superstar, is actress Priya Prakash Warrier. In a short period of time, Priya Warrier accomplished something of which even Malayalis can be proud. Priya’s life was altered by Omar Lulu’s movie Oru Attar Love. Despite the fact that the film wasn’t a success, Priya Warrier shot to fame after its song was released.

The actor has just revealed images from a chic makeover photo shoot, following photos of Priya enjoying a holiday in Thailand.

Photographer Maurya was the one who took the images.

Vishakha styles Priya’s hair as Ambika Kukreti applies her cosmetics.

The hair was styled by Mayurinelli.

Fans have made comments on glamorous Queen.

Source by : Instagram

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